By visiting the Zodiac Casino website you are of course going to be able to peruse their entire website, and that will be a good way to discover everything that they have to offer you as a player.

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However, when you are going and ready to then sign up and become a new player you will find their registration process has been completely streamlined and as such you will be able to register as one of their brand new players in around a minute or so.

Keep in mind though, that as one of the fastest paying casino sites, to be able to take advantage of their rapid winning payouts and not have any deposit or withdrawal limits placed onto your account you will be required to get your casino account fully verified.

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That is a simple and very hassle free process, and all that you will need to do is to send into the casino a recent utility bill that is dated in the last three months, so that they can fully verify your address.

Plus, you will be required to send in a copy of some form of government issued photo I.D, such as a passport or diving license, and by doing so they will then be able to verify both your name and also your age.

For reference to be able to play any of the games at Zodiac Casino either for free or for real money you will need to be at least 18 years of age!

With that in mid we would like you to read through this rather long review of Zodiac Casino, for they are one of the most played at casino sites and they also have been in business for many, many years now.

In fact, they are a member of the Casino Rewards owned and operated casino sites that are famed for their attention to detail when it comes to giving players things such as bonuses and player rewards, and one thing you will not fail to notice about them is their huge suite of casino games too.

Zodiac Casino offers both the instant play and fully downloadable gaming platforms that have been supplied by Microgaming.

That means that you are going to have a fully configurable gaming experience whenever you choose to play, and you are always also going to have full control of the stake levels you play any of their hundreds of different casino games for too, so read on for more details!

You should always have a checklist of wants and demands when you are an online casino player, and it is very important that you only play at casino sites that offer you everything you have on that list!

In our experience it is always going to be the casinos that have been in business the longest and have the largest number of players playing at those sites that will always give players a fully rounded experience no matter when you log into to play at those casinos.

Multiple Ways of Accessing the Zodiac Casino Games

You will always be able to access the range of games at Zodiac Casino, and we can say that with complete confidence for they have three different gaming platforms that you can make use of from your one single log in!

You will be able to play on the go and from anywhere if you download their recently launched mobile casino app, which comes packed with all of their most played and therefore most popular casino games.

However, if you want to play from the comfort of your own home, which is what many players do, you all be able to play via an instant play or a fully downloadable gaming platform.

If you choose to access their games via the instant play platform then any web browser can be used to access that gaming platform, an as the name suggests you will be able to play any of the games you like the look of and fancy chancing your arm on instantly and with no delays.

However, do consider making use of their fully downloadable gaming platform, it will not take long for you to download the software and once you do so you are then going to have access to far and away the most casino games.

But no matter which way of accessing the Zodiac Casino games you choose to utilize you are always going to be able to configure the games to play for a stake level you can afford and are comfortable to play for!

Zodiac Casino Deposit Options

We should point out to you that Zodiac Casino is one of only a handful of casino sites that offer their players one of several different currency options, and as such when you are signing up as a new player you can pick the home currency account setting based on just here it is you live in the world.

zodiac casino canada

You are also going to find that they have a highly secure banking interface and as such all of your own personal banking information is safe and you will also have more than enough different ways that you can fund your real money Zodiac Casino account too.

You will have the ability of using any credit card or any type of debit card to top up your account and you will also be able to use prepaid vouchers too. If you have a web or e-wallet then you will also find that you can use any of the major ones at this casino site and all deposits are of course processed instantly and added to your account straight away once they have been approved.

In case you are wondering, you are also going to have access to a plethora of different ways that you can make a rapid winning payout from your casino account, and those withdrawals will of course be processed in your own chosen currency too!

Top Reasons to Play at Zodiac Casino

It is of course up to you and you alone in regards to just which casino sites you end up playing at, however we do want you to have the best gaming experience possible and as such please take a look through this final section of our review of Zodiac Casino.

Listed below you will find all of the main and standout reasons why we just know you are going to have the best of everything the very second you have signed up as a new player at Zodiac Casino!

80 Chances to Win a Jackpot – If you do like the look and sound of the Zodiac Casino site then now really would be an ideal time for you to register as one of their new players.

By doing so if you deposit just 1.00 then they are going to credits you with 20.00 in credits which then you can use on their progressive jackpot paying slot games, and by choosing one with a stake of 0.25 that will result in you then getting 80 chances when playing off those spins of winning a huge valued progressive jackpot instantly!

Rapid Payouts Guaranteed – As we have mentioned up above you should get your casino account at Zodiac Casino verified as quickly as you possibly can do, ideally when you sign up as a new player.

Once you do so you are then going to face no loan and drawn out delays in regards to how long they are going to take to pay you out your winnings! They are one of the faster paying casino sites that love nothing more than paying their players rapidly and always on time, checkout their website for details of their payout times we just know you will be impressed!

Audited Gaming Action – There are two different self audit facilities at this casino site the first is something known as Play Check and the other is Cash Check, and you simply need to click on the respective button when logged into your account to utilize those two features.

The Cash Check feature is going to let you audit all of your deposits mad into your Zodiac Casino account and all o your withdrawals too whilst the Play Check feature will let you audit all of your casino game playing sessions to see just how well you are doing!

Full Gaming License – It should only be fully licensed and fully regulated casino sites you sign up to and play at, for by sticking to playing at those casino sites you will never have any doubts that the games you are playing are fair and random and that you will also know you are going to be paid out your winnings.

We are happy to let you know therefore that Zodiac Casino is licensed and regulated fully by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission so you can always play any of their range of games with complete confidence!

Player Support Service – You will not find anything complicated about playing at Zodiac Casino or every aspect of their many different gaming platforms, banking interfaces and range of games have been designed to be a player friendly as is possible.

However, if you do have any questions then you can consult the pay tables or help files attached to each game for if you prefer you can contact the always available player support team who you can contact via instant support via email or if you prefer you can make contact with their support team by calling them up on the telephone!

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Player Loyalty Club – If you want to play any of the casino games at Zodiac Casino site then as you have found out from above out can access and play them either for real money or via a free play demo mode version of each game available.

By playing their range of games for real money however you are going to be earning comp or loyalty points as they are also known and the more you play win or lose the more of those comp points you are going to amass which by the way can then be exchanged and turned into additional playing credits!

Much Higher Paying Games – Some casino sites that you can sign up to and play at have casino games on offer that have very low payout percentages and very high house edges and no savvy player is ever going to want to play those games!

We are more than happy to let you know that there are hundreds of different types and varieties of casino games available at Zodiac Casino on which you are going to find some generous payout percentages and some tiny house edges, so make sure you hunt around for those much higher paying games and give them your best shot!

Massive Progressive Jackpots – The sky is the limit in regards to just how much cold hard cash you could win when playing any of the progressive jackpot games at Zodiac Casino for the jackpots attached and on offer on those games keep on growing in value until such a time as they are won.

If you win one of them whilst playing at this casino site you will be able to withdrawal those winnings right away and you will also find that the casino is going to pay you out the entire jackpot payout via one single payment too!

Monthly New Games – You really are going to have plenty of fun when playing at Zodiac Casino and with you having the ability of playing hundreds upon hundreds of different games whenever you log into your casino account you can then set about playing the ones that appeal to you the most.

However, one final thing work knowing about this casino site is that they are always one of the very first Microgaming software powered online casino sites to have the new range of casino games that Microgaming launch several of every single month of the year!